Thursday, December 23, 2010


So far we have raised $271 out of $270--we've made our goal!

We've also raised a C&C cage--photos of Cocoa in his new palace below, with his two friends:

$ 10,362.80

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Meet Cocoa
from NJ rescue

Cocoa is a 4 year old male guinea pig who was turned into the rescue when his owners had to move and couldn't keep him. When he came through our doors his nails had never been cut. They were curling into his feet and causing him much pain. Over time we were able to cut them down and he has become the sweetest pig we have ever met. While waiting for his forever home, he helps the rescue educate children on the proper way to handle and care for guinea pigs at presentations and Expos.

How Can You Help?

We are trying to fundraise $270 for this dear pig, as well a C&C cage. I have extra grids I can send, can anyone provide Coroplast? (Ideally in NJ, so shipping isn't crazy, or a referral to a nearby sign dealer and a donation).

The $270 is broken down as follows: $46 a month for pellets (shared with other pigs), $40 a month for veggies, $50 for a vet visit (if needed), $16 for a month of bedding, $8 a month for Vitamin C.

Please click below to donate, and post in the comments section if you are able to send a donation for coroplast, or coro itself.


Also on the wishlist are cozies (please see our banners to locate a cozy vendor, many of whom have discounts for rescues), fleece, towels, and hay.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


So far we have raised $303.50 out of $260! Way to go, we met our goal!


We have also had a cozy cup donated, as well as a hut! Thank you so much! We're still waiting, I believe, on a tunnel to be donated from Windespirit's Sewing 4 a Cause. Let me know if you know different. UPDATE: DONATED!

Please forward Buttercup's story, and considering donating! You really can make a difference for a guinea pig in need!

Please send checks made out to Lisa Sharp at PO Box 72301, Marietta GA 30007


Saturday, October 30, 2010


from GA Rescue

Buttercup came to the rescue back in April 2010 as a “4-5 yr old”. She came in with her sister who has since passed away. Buttercup has been deemed a sanctuary pig because of her age and potential health issues.

During her vet visit back in April it was determined she is going blind and has several lumpy masses in her abdomen. Because of her age we have decided against surgery. Being a mature lady, she also has bladder control issues and her bedding needs changing quite frequently. She is housed on fleece and towels so laundry is done more often for her cage.

She is eating well so far and loves hanging out with her cage mates, sometimes bossing them around by giving them “the look!” Her favorite place to be is under a Cozy Sak or Cuddle Cup or in a tunnel.

Buttercup’s needs are simple at the time: a warm, dry place to lay down, fresh hay and veggies, a clean bottle of water and gentle snorgles from us!

How can you help?

We are hoping to raise $260 for Buttercup, enough for four months of her care! This will cover: Hay and Pellets - $10/month, Fresh Veggies & Fruit - $30-40/month (depending on the season), and Laundry - $15/month.

Please consider donating, and remember, Sponsor a Guinea Pig is where a dollar makes a difference!

If you'd like to send Buttercup a present, she has the following on her wishlist:

A new sack or cozy cup from The Cozy Cavy.--DONATED
A new hut from Jen's Custom Crafts--DONATED
A tunnel from Sewing 4 a Cause--DONATED

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


So far we have raised $474 out of $336! We've met our goal :D

Still, with four piggies to fundraise for, every extra bit counts!

UPDATE: Four cozy cavy cuddle cups have been donated by a wonderful woman. Thank you!


Friday, October 1, 2010


Here is their story: A healthy pair of guinea pigs was brought to the rescue in May of 2010 with their five babies from three litters. All of the babies were white, had strange looking eyes, pronounced overbites and behaved oddly. I had heard the term "lethal white" and seen some photos on the internet but had never seen examples of this genetic defect in person.

The next day, we got them to the vet and confirmed they all had this condition. Most are blind or have very limited vision. All have abnormal teeth, either deformed or growing improperly. Some have teeth missing completely on the lower jaw.

There were two males: Biscuit, who is now 13 months old and Ivory, who is 8 months old.

There were three females: Maria, and Rosa who are both 8 months old and little China, who passed away shortly after she arrived here at the age of 5 weeks. No matter how much we fed her, she just couldn't seem to metabolize the food. What she lacked in physical strength, she more than made up for with her outgoing personality and big voice.

We can't put these guys up for adoption. They require an investment of time and money to care for them and provide veterinary care to keep the teeth trimmed so they
can eat. They all go to the vet about two/three times a month at a cost of $28 per piggie for the tooth exam and trim. As time goes on, we expect that lab tests and supplemental syringe feedings will be necessary.

As they age, we expect metabolic problems to occur. The normal life span will probably be significantly shortened although we will do everything possible to keep them comfortable and happy as long as they live.

The remaining four are doing fine at the moment, although we are watching Rosa very closely. She is small for her age and while the others are continuing to gain weight, she is just maintaining her weight. We are concerned that she is starting to develop internal problems although she is acting fine otherwise.

Our goal is to fundraise $336--for three vet visits at $28 each for each of the four pigs. Good luck Lethals!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


So far we have raised $65 out of $50!

We've met our goal, fundraising $385 total!


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:

The Critter Connection, Inc.
PO Box 371
Durham, CT 06422

Make checks payable to "The Critter Connection, Inc." and please specify SAGP or Minerva in the Memo line.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Meet Minerva
from CT rescue

Minerva is a 6 year old female that was born with no eyes. She has been in the rescue since she was 3 weeks old as our mascot and is a sanctuary pig. Not having any sight hasn't slowed her down one bit. She rules the "herd" and is very perticular about who she will allow in her inner circle. She has had a chronic bladder infection and xrays today revealed that her bladder wall has become quite thick. Fortunately there are no bladder stones but she will be on a long course of antibiotics to see if we can't get this straightened out.

Our goal for Minerva is $50! Thanks so much for everyone who donated to Hawk already. Please feel no obligation to donate again :)


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:

The Critter Connection, Inc.
PO Box 371
Durham, CT 06422

Make checks payable to "The Critter Connection, Inc." and please specify SAGP or Minerva in the Memo line.

Friday, September 3, 2010


So far we have raised $320 out of $250!

We've met our goal!

Tomorrow a new pig will be debuted from this rescue, as we met our goal so early in the month :D


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:

The Critter Connection, Inc.
PO Box 371
Durham, CT 06422

Make checks payable to "The Critter Connection, Inc." and please specify SAGP or Hawk in the Memo line.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Meet Hawk
from CT rescue
The Critter Connection!

Hawk is a 6 year old neutered male that came from the Catskill Game Farm rescue that we did back in October 2006. The horrors that the pigs went through at the farm are unspeakable.

When Hawk first arrived he was petrified of everything and would throw himself at the side of his cage if he heard a loud noise. It took me 6 months to get him to settle down enough that he wouldn't shake when I held him. Because of this it was decided that he would stay in the rescue as a sanctuary pig.

He has been happily living with our older senior females and keeps everyone in line. It is quite amusing to watch him "settle a dispute" between two of the females. He lays down between two pigs that are bickering and looks at each one.

If we reach our goal early ($250), I'll debut another special needs piggy from this rescue :)


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:

The Critter Connection, Inc.
PO Box 371
Durham, CT 06422

Make checks payable to "The Critter Connection, Inc." and please specify SAGP or Hawk in the Memo line.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


So far we have raised $323 out of $300! We met our goal!

Please donate, because Wee Companions just had 25 pups born in the last week. They could really use the funds!


*To avoid Pay Pal fees send checks to:

Wee Companions
975 Iris Ave
Imperial Beach, CA 91932


Friday, August 6, 2010

AUGUST'S (real) PIGS OF THE MONTH-Spice and Misu!

Both these elderly sanctuary pigs are living out their golden years. Spice (the one pictured at left) is over seven years old, rescued from a school situation years ago. He recently lost his life partner, but we think we may have found a new lady piggy for him to snuggle with.

Spice has always been special needs, as he has deformed front feet which turn in and cause him to walk on the sides of his lower legs.

Misu, over 6 years old, also recently lost her life partner. Misu is a brown and white teddy girl whom we hope will warm up to a male friend.

Spice is neutered and recently underwent a mass removal of a suspicious mass on his jaw, and a second mass on his armpit. He has made an amazing recovery for such an old guy, and we hope he will be able to spend more time in his doting foster home.

Though neither piggy is on medication, as sanctuary pigs they still place a financial strain on the rescue. Not to mention that Wee Companions also has 20 pregnant females in addition to these two!!

We are hoping to raise $300 for their care. Please won't you help us with a donation today?


*To avoid Pay Pal fees send checks to:

Wee Companions
975 Iris Ave
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Thursday, August 5, 2010


UPDATE: All of the guinea pigs have been adopted, except for five. This is worrisome. Some may have been bought as breeders or feeders. Hopefully as many as possible went to good homes! Regardless, they are not there to fundraise for, so we are reverting back to the original August piggy, Spice!

Urgent! There have been 90 guinea pigs surrendered to a TX shelter. They are in desperate need of rescues and adopters.

SAGP will be fundraising for these pigs for the month of August, but I'm not sure whether we're going to fundraise for a rescue that takes in some of the pigs, or the shelter itself. Please place $5 aside (or any other amount) until further notice.

For updates, please visit:

For the adoptable pigs:


To donate now:

Funds will temporarily be placed in the SAGP account, and held until a recipient is found.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So far we have raised $581.50 out of $287!
Way to go team!
Thank you so much to everyone who forwarded Jujube's story and donated!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Meet Jujube from
VA rescue

Jujube is a very special guinea pig to MGPR. She came into the rescue with her mother and littermates at a few weeks old. It wasn't long before her foster mom noticed she had very strange behavior and wasn't nice to other pigs. Jujube's behavior grew even stranger as she got older and moved to one foster home, then another. Her foster moms all noticed and remarked on how strange she was. Jujube spent most of her time in her cage in a "trance," standing on her toes and hunched up.

Fortunately for Jujube she had observent foster homes and an excellent vet. During her pre-spay appointment her behavior was discussed (as was the unexpected death of Jujube's mother post-spay) and the vet postponed her spay and ran blood tests.

Jujube has been diagnosed with Portosystemic Shunt Syndrome (PSS), caused by an abnormal blood vessel that allows toxins in blood to bypass the liver and flow back through the body without being cleansed. The vet said the "trance" was actually the pain Jujube was in because of the toxins circulating through her system.

The PSS is being medically managed with twice daily doses of Lactulose, which she will be on for the rest of her life. She has made remarkable progress since being diagnosed--the trances have disappeared and she even puts her head down to sleep, which she had never done before!

Unfortunately, Jujube is still quite strange and does not get along with other pigs, so she probably also has inbreeding problems. She has made tremendous progress since treatment began and now, at almost 7 months old, is a completely different guinea pig than she was so recently.

Jujube hasn't been spayed yet but the vet says the procedure is now possible since she is on the Lactulose. MGPR hasn't decided whether to spay her and whether to make her a sanctuary pig or adopt her to a very special home. Jujube is very charming in her own peculiar way and has captured hearts in all her foster homes.

We are hoping to fundraise enough for four months of her care, totaling $287. This includes $47 for a blood test to determine she is ready for her spay, $110 for the pending spay, and $7.50 per week in regular care (carefresh, veggies, hay and pellets), plus $10 for a six month supply of Lactulose (her medicine).

This month $7.50 is again the magic number, paying for one week of Jujube's care. Feeling generous? Why not donate $10, enough for her medicine for six months!

Please contact me at if you would like to make a donation via check. Otherwise, click donate below!

Monday, June 7, 2010


So far we have raised $301 out of $246! What a great month!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and passed along Honu's story. SAGP would not be possible without you!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


from WA rescue

Honu is an adorable guinea pig who is blind, has some brain damage, and legs so completely atrophied to the point that he cannot bend them at all. Honu is Hawaiian for "Sea Turtle." This little boy is about 4 1/2 years old, but still full of energy, despite his disabilities. Honu was dumped at the Seattle Animal Shelter 3 years ago this month, because "something was wrong with him" and his family didn't want him anymore. He came in alone, but was paired with another guinea pig named Koa.

Honu immediately took to Koa and depends on her greatly. Honu MUST know where Koa is in the cage in order to function. Mary, Cavy Companions director, worries about how long Honu will survive if Koa were to pass first.

They now live with two other guinea pigs. Honu largely keeps to himself because he can barely move around. Mary puts the pellet bowl immediately beside his water bottle so he doesn't have to move from one side of the cage to another. She picks him up every night and puts him by the hay so he doesn't have to move around or be without. Occasionally, she finds him with his face in a corner of the cage because it's safer, as there are two sides he can sense.

His head bobs up, down and from side to side when there is food coming, and he sleeps with his legs stiff in front of him because they can't bend anymore.

He is a truly adorable pig who has been through far too much, but is now a very lucky boy in Mary's care. Any donations toward his upkeep would be greatly appreciated, as Mary independently cares for 28 guinea pigs and can find the rescue under financial strain at times.

We are hoping to fundraise $246: enough to recoup the cost of the two exams that determined Honu's medical conditions ($96), and $150 to provide five months worth of veggies, Carefresh, and pellets ($7.50 per week).

This month the magic number to donate is $7.50, or an even $15!

And, don't forget the below post about nominating your local rescue for SAGP!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Hey readers--have you ever wished that your local guinea pig rescue could be featured on SAGP?

Well now it can!

I am now accepting nominations for a 12th rescue to take the spot of one which dropped out. Please reply here with any nominations, or email me at sponsoraguineapig @ (remove the spaces).

Australia, US, UK--they're all eligible!


Rescue must accept Paypal.
Rescue must have sanctuary pigs as well as be actively adopting out.
$300 must be more than a drop in a well-funded bucket.
Rescue must have a website.

Look forward to receiving your nominations!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Way to go! We have raised $405 dollars for Deputy Doofy, well over our goal!

Thanks everyone! Tune in next month for June's featured pig!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Meet Deputy Doofy
from CA Rescue
Orange County Cavy Haven!

Doofy gets some snuggles

Deputy Doofy was dumped at the San Gabriel (L.A.) shelter with about fifteen other pigs in July of 2003. He was around six weeks old. The conditions at that shelter were very bad, the pigs were in filthy cages, literally sitting outside in their own waste. Most of the pigs came down with enteritis and with medication all but one survived.

We had a hard time getting them adopted because, sadly, they were looked upon by adopters as not as pretty as some of our other pigs. They were almost all brown, smooth haired, kind of 'plain' but with plenty of personality. Deputy Doofy was actually adopted twice then returned. We paired him up with Natasha in 2005 -- she was a pretty white sow who was left on one of our doorsteps in a box. The two were adopted together but sadly, returned again. Once again they were adopted and it looked like it was going to last, but early this year they were returned to OCCH, now senior pigs and unlikely to be adopted again.

We realized right away that Natasha was ill. She seemed to be getting bloated. The vet felt a mass in her abdomen and, when we could not keep her from bloating, we had the vet do emergency surgery. Sadly, Natasha died only a couple hours after surgery and poor Doofy was alone. But not for long. He now lives with Itchy, another 7 year old boar who has been in our rescue since 2003.

Doofy is now considered part of our sanctuary. We don't know what he has been through for sure, but he has some health problems we are still trying to figure out. His eyes water continuously despite several courses of antibiotic ointments and oral antibiotics. He is very arthritic and has some twisted toes as well as a very painful back. He drinks a lot of water and can't keep his weight up without hand feeding. You can tell by looking at him that he doesn't feel well. He also seems to have bladder sludge, and that can be painful.

Doofy could really use some tests to determine if there is some medication that will help him
. An x ray and urinalysis could tell us a lot about him and might just solve the mystery. We would love to be able to give Doofy the TLC he deserves in his golden years. He is a really sweet boy who seems very sad and uncomfortable. It would cost about $250 to get Doofy an exam, urinalysis and x ray.

We will be grateful to all support given. Remember, Sponsor a Guinea Pig is Where a Dollar Makes a difference! Any amount donated would be amazing. Please forward this story on!


*Orange County Cavy Haven
2052 Newport Blvd. 6-189
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

memo "Doofy" or "SAGP." Thank you for your generosity!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Update for Clarence!

First I'd like to wave "hi" to all The HSUS members visiting the site! SAGP was recently featured as part of The HSUS'S Off-Duty series. Please consider following us on Twitter, Blogger, or Facebook, or joining our listserve! I'd love it if you donated, or considered passing along Clarence's story.

So far we have received $357.72! WAY TO GO! WE REACHED OUR GOAL!

Remember, this month the magic number is "6.62," paying for one week's worth of care for the dear boy. We are fundraising for 40 weeks worth of care for this boy, totaling $264.80.

Remember, SAGP is also available on Twitter and Facebook!


Send checks payable to "Small Angels Rescue," memo line reading "SAGP-Clarence" to

Small Angels Rescue

7501 Mayfair Ct.

Mt. Airy, MD 21771

Or email to donate by another method.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April's Pig of the Month-Clarence!

Meet Clarence
from MD rescue

Clarence is an absolutely adorable piggy. He came into Small Angels in April of 2009 as part of a large group taken to a local animal shelter when their owner was moving away.

He was in a poor state on arrival, thin, weak, and dehydrated. He was thought to be an older piggie, due to his conformation, but the lady piggies who came in with him were all pregnant and in due course gave birth to babies who bore a striking resemblance to him (!)

Clarence suffered from chronic diarrhea and on and off he also had a runny eye and nostril for most of the summer. After being neutered he remained in the rescue for an assortment of treatments. In the Autumn he was found to have an abscess under his jaw and the prognosis was poor, so we had to decide if he was a good candidate for surgery or not (the alternative being euthanasia). It was a difficult decision, but throughout all these months he had remained perky and lively, in spite of still being somewhat thin. So we decided to give surgery a go.

Clarence tolerated a long course of antibiotics and then had surgery to drain the abscess and remove a rotton tooth. It was successful! Since then, he has remained on anti-biotics twice weekly and needed probiotics to address the resulting diarrhea.

Clarence is a delightful little guy, amazing us with his upbeat character and endearing manner. Recently he has gained a little weight and he gets very excited about having his veggies, hopping up on his wooden house to wait for them. Clarence also still likes to chat to the ladies :)

We are looking for a Twilight home for him within about ten miles of Mt. Airy, MD. This needs to be somewhere where he will be loved and appreciated; preferably with a lady piggie or two for company. We will continue to monitor his health and provide the necessary veterinary care for the remainder of his life.

Clarence is on three medications: Zenequin ($1.96 a week), Benebac ($4.32 per week), and Vitamin C ($0.34 per week). His total medications are just $6.62 per week! For members who normally donate $5 a month, I really encourage you to donate $6.62 (if you can), so you can pay for a whole week of Clarence's care!

We are fundraising for 40 weeks of Clarence's care, for a total of $264.80. Thank you so much to those of you who donate and/or pass along his story!

Meanwhile, I'd like to wave "Hi!" to all The HSUS readers visiting the site. Please consider forwarding the site on, or even donating! You can reach me at .

SAGP is also available on Twitter and Facebook!


Send checks payable to "Small Angels Rescue," memo line reading "SAGP-Clarence" to

Small Angels Rescue

7501 Mayfair Ct.

Mt. Airy, MD 21771

Or email to donate by another method.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Update for Ziggy and Brodie!

So far we have raised $379.66 or #254.94! We've reached our goal, way to go!

Brodie says, "Thank you!" (picture courtesy of Webs).

Monday, March 1, 2010

MARCH'S PIGS-Ziggy and Brodie!

Meet Ziggy and Brodie
from UK Rescue

This year's two pigs are Brodie (11 months) and Ziggy (around two years). You will remember Brodie from last year. He lived with Josh after Yetti died. We could not find a piggy who would accept him after Josh went to the Rainbow Bridge, and we tried many, so we decided to castrate and find him a wife.

Ziggy arrived in terrible condition, mites, lice, very thin, and terrified of all piggies due to being mercilessly bullied by her cage mates. She coud not eat for sheer fear she would be bitten, she was separated from the other piggies and enjoyed life by herself for a while being syringe fed to gain much needed weight. She was only 1 lb 3 ounces. We also discovered Ziggy had a heart problem so she is now on Fortekor and still being syringe fed to ensure she continues to gain, she is now at 1 lb 12 ounces!

We paired her with Brodie and all was well for two days. Then we noticed a small abscess on Brodie's nose, cleaned it up, but by night time he had a huge abscess below his ear. At that point they were separated, Ziggy with the resident girls and Brodie in a hospital cage.

For three weeks now we have battled with Brodie's abscesses, so far the count is 16. He has some sort of infection that is being carried around in his blood and is causing abscesses. He has had two vet visits so far costing #178.35 to lance and clean/flush out the abscesses. Two more are coming up and they will need to be lanced in the very near future.

He is on Baytil and pain relief, syringe feeds daily just to keep him topped up, as well as huge doses of probiotics. We have not managed to definitely isolate the exact bacteria causing the infection but it is thought to be pastuerella. We do not know if we will win the battle for him and have been warned it may break out again at any time in the future.

He is happy, lively, and a complete star when it comes to all the flushing, cleanimg etc. of his wounds. He sits with his head tilted up and we get on with the job, only occasionally does he flinch if we touch a particularly sensitive spot.

So meanwhile these two lonely piggies have to be separated and there is no doubt that Brodie misses Ziggy. We do all we can to keep him happy but we are not piggies! Plus there is the zoonosis side and we have been well warned about this, wearing masks, gloves, etc. We have to keep to very strict hygeine and the big pads for him to sit on while we clean him up cost $14.95 for 12 and we go through 2 a day.

Costs for Brodie per week are: Baytril #9.00, Antibiotic flushing solution #6.00, Chlorahexadine #3.15, Sundries (cotton buds/balls, syringes, probiotics) #3, Critical Care #14.95, Pain Relief #3.00.

Costs for Ziggy per week: Fortekor: #4.90, Critical Care: #14.95.

Total cost per week: #58.95 or $88.79. Total fundraising goal (a three week supply): #176.85 or $266.37

We hope that Ziggy and Brodie can live together again but Brodie does not have a quick fix illness. But as long as he is happy, lively and enjoying life we will keep him on with meds, syringe feedings, and flushings, and hope that there is a happy ending for both of these loveable pigs.

To donate in US dollars:

To donate in Sterling Pounds:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update for the Lab Pigs!

So far we have raised $260 out of $260, we've reached our goal!!!! Please donate or consider sharing their story.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already done so!

Their story:

The lab piggies were from the University of Arlington, we had originally been conntacted by them to rescue 31 in 2008 after they had finished their trials, they told us they were done with guinea pigs as they did not cooperate well. Unfortunately less than a year later we were called again to take 18 more.This time they were kept as pairs in those tiny tubs that you see them pictured in.We rescued 14 girls and 4 boys, these were not quite as shy as the first lot and took to eating veggies a lot quicker.

Due to their looks people don't even stop to consider them for adoption so we anticipate their stay at the rescue to be long, maybe even a lifetime. We would love to be able to raise enough money to get the 4 boys neutered ($65 each)

Monday, February 1, 2010


Meet The Lab Pigs

from TX Rescue



These pigs are ready and waiting for adoption! There are 16 to choose from (remember, pigs are social creatures and do best in pairs).

Thank you for being an advocate for those who cannot help themselves. Please pass The Lab Pigs' story and this site on to others.

in order to avoid paypal's fees, consider sending a check or money order to:

Texas Rustlers

160 Cedarcrest lane,
Double oak TX 75077

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pinball has passed

Dear Pinball has passed. We greatly appreciate your outpouring of support and love.

More details will be posted as they become available.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Emergency Update

Pinball is very sick. It is possible he may not make it through the month. Please keep him and All Creatures Rescue & Sanctuary in your thoughts and prayers.

For now, donations will still go toward his care and All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary. This is a time when he needs funding more than ever.

More details to follow. Update: Please read about Pinball's new developments here.

So far we have raised $298 for Pinball. We all greatly appreciate the outpouring of love and donations.

Update: Please consider sending a gift donation. If you'd like, you can make your donation a gift to the caretaker's of Pinball! ACR&S would surely appreciate the cards.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Meet Pinball

from NC rescue

For Pinball's full story, please visit this All Creature's Rescue and Sanctuary blog entry.

Pinball was originally advertised on Craigslist as having a malocllussion (teeth) problem. ACR&S contacted the poster and offered a vet referral, but the poster was unable to afford the treatment. She wanted to sign over Pinball to the rescue. The rescue agreed, because "while tooth problems can initially be costly to treat, usually they can be controlled once they get back to zero (so to speak)."

When Pinball arrived at the rescue, he looked close to death. He obviously had a tooth problem (as "he was drooling uncontrollably and had wads of spit caked against his left cheek") , but his eye was in trouble too. He also had a head tilt and cried when his ears were touched (for those who are lucky enough to not have heard a guinea pig cry, it's one of the worst sounds imaginable).

The eye infection, which the surrenderer had tried to treat, had spread to the ear canals, and the ear infection caused the head tilt. The pain from the infection made Pinball stop eating, and once his teeth overgrew he was unable to all together. "The eye continued to worsen. The infection robbed him of most of his vision, and all of his hearing."

"In short, blind, deaf, has bad teeth, a head tilt, and can't walk straight because of a simple eye infection that was likely started by an innocuous hay poke."

Pinball's first visit to the vet showed extensive bone loss, meaning he had been having problems eating for a long time (the problem was also likely exacerbated by a poor quality pellet). The vet trimmed the points on his molers (some even larger than a pencil lead). The eye problems had begun by an injury, which left improperly treated, became an infection. The doctor treated the eye (for more details, visit the original blog post) but it never got entirely better.

Pinball may have to lose the eye, which is one of the things we are fundraising for (rest assured, if the operation is not neccessary, Pinball has tons of other medical demands!) . "Had the initial problem been addressed when it occurred, Pinball likely would have had to endure 2-3 weeks of eyedrops and a recheck and would be perfectly healthy right now. Instead, over a year, he developed an infection that literally has made him special needs for the rest of his life."

Pinball has found some joy in life. He loves parsley, cuddle cups, and his critical care. He is a fighter for his health, and an overall wonderful pig.

We're hoping to fundraise $250 for Pinball's care: $150 dollars for the potential eye removal (if not needed, it can fund two teeth trims), $60 for antibiotics (oral and optical), and $40 for two months of pain killers.

Or to avoid Pay Pal fees, send a check to:

PO Box 1231
Apex, NC 27502
(919) 249-7758