Tuesday, June 1, 2010


from WA rescue

Honu is an adorable guinea pig who is blind, has some brain damage, and legs so completely atrophied to the point that he cannot bend them at all. Honu is Hawaiian for "Sea Turtle." This little boy is about 4 1/2 years old, but still full of energy, despite his disabilities. Honu was dumped at the Seattle Animal Shelter 3 years ago this month, because "something was wrong with him" and his family didn't want him anymore. He came in alone, but was paired with another guinea pig named Koa.

Honu immediately took to Koa and depends on her greatly. Honu MUST know where Koa is in the cage in order to function. Mary, Cavy Companions director, worries about how long Honu will survive if Koa were to pass first.

They now live with two other guinea pigs. Honu largely keeps to himself because he can barely move around. Mary puts the pellet bowl immediately beside his water bottle so he doesn't have to move from one side of the cage to another. She picks him up every night and puts him by the hay so he doesn't have to move around or be without. Occasionally, she finds him with his face in a corner of the cage because it's safer, as there are two sides he can sense.

His head bobs up, down and from side to side when there is food coming, and he sleeps with his legs stiff in front of him because they can't bend anymore.

He is a truly adorable pig who has been through far too much, but is now a very lucky boy in Mary's care. Any donations toward his upkeep would be greatly appreciated, as Mary independently cares for 28 guinea pigs and can find the rescue under financial strain at times.

We are hoping to fundraise $246: enough to recoup the cost of the two exams that determined Honu's medical conditions ($96), and $150 to provide five months worth of veggies, Carefresh, and pellets ($7.50 per week).

This month the magic number to donate is $7.50, or an even $15!

And, don't forget the below post about nominating your local rescue for SAGP!

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