Tuesday, November 1, 2011


UPDATE: $400 raised so far! WE MET OUR GOAL!

Meet Melvin

from WA rescue

"Melvin is 5 YO. His bottom molars and one front molar have to be trimmed every 6 weeks. The cost is $146.00. These molars are mostly black and the roots are shallow. He has an internal abcess attached to his right jawbone. Surgery is not an option so he will have to be on chloramphenicol for the rest of his life to keep the abcess in check. The cost for this compounded medicine is $34.00 a month, for a total of $180.00 a month.

Just so you know, Melvin is one of THE friendliest gpigs I have ever had here. He wants to be cuddled a lot and have the place on his head where the hair meets from both directions gently rubbed. His favorite food is fresh blueberries."

We will be fundraising $270 for 1.5 months of Melvin's Care.


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