Saturday, July 2, 2011

JULY'S PIGS OF THE MONTH--Professor Wendell Thompkins and Albert Butterbean!

Meet Wendell and Albert
from GA Rescue

Wendell (pictured above and in banner) and Albert are two gorgeous guinea pig boys who arrived at AMGPR in late April. They are very sweet, friendly, and super loving. Albert and Wendell are about 3-4 years old and get along together fabulously. They are always at the edge of the cage looking for human interaction. Wendell gives great piggy kisses, and Albert is a snuggle bunny.
They were surrendered by a woman who worked in Atlanta, but lived about an hour away. She took them from a friend who found them dumped at a pet store. While in this woman's home, they lived in a C&C cage and received decent care, but the woman felt she didn't have enough time for them.

These boys are in for quite a treat, as they are being adopted by our very own ... Marsha Weaver! (Marsha recently lost her home and many of her guinea pigs in an Alabama tornado. The month of May was devoted to fundraising for her).

Before being adopted, however, they must be neutered. The cost per neuter is $98.28 each (for a total of 196.56) and then a course of antibiotics of $28.50, for a total of $225.06. I hope we will reach $300, as gas costs are also involved in the transport of these pigs to their forever home.