Friday, January 28, 2011


from TX Rescue

Miss Scarlet is a very special pig going through a hard time. This poor girl has a UTI, calcium sludge, urine scald, and on top of all of that, ovarian cysts.

Miss Scarlet, pictured at left with her sister Miss Piggins, needs a spay, which is an intensive procedure for guinea pigs. It requires an expert vet, which Texas Rustlers is lucky to have.

We are hoping to fundraise for this spay, estimated at $200 (including pain meds and antibiotics), as well as purchase her a cage blanket, costing about $50. The blanket will enable her feetsies to have a soft surface, and aid her urine scald and UTI recovery.

Aside from these requests from the rescue, I would also like to raise an additional $75 in case there are future issues for Miss Scarlet. I would like to establish a vet fund for this dear girl. The director of Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig Rescue had a difficult year in 2010, and I think it would be great if we could all take one worry off her plate. Our fundraising goal is $325.

Miss Scarlet was born in August of 2005, and she has been in the rescue with her sister since 2007. They are best friends.

Thank you for being an advocate for those who cannot help themselves.
Please pass Miss Scarlet's story and this site on to others.

in order to avoid paypal's fees, consider sending a check or money order to:

Texas Rustlers

160 Cedarcrest lane,
Double Oak, TX 75077

UPDATE! The blanket has been ordered! Thanks so much to our generous donor!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


So far we've raised $385 out of $332! We've met our goal!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated. This--reaching our highest goal ever--wouldn't have been possible without you.

Of course, additional donations are welcome!

$ 10,747.80

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Meet Pablo
from CA Rescue

Pablo is a very special little pig whom has already touched many peoples lives in the short time he has been here on this earth. We have determined now that Pablo is blind and deaf. He has no front teeth and will need hand feeding.

Pablo will be cared for by experienced volunteers and will live his lifetime a sanctuary piggy.

Keep this sweet boy in your thoughts and prayers. We love him so much and hope he will be able to live a long wonderful piggy lifetime.

Hooks have grown on his molars, and he needs them trimmed. This will cost $282. We are also fundraising for two large cans of critical care, at a cost of $50. Our total goal is $332. We've never done a goal this high before, so please, do as much as you can to forward the cause.


*Orange County Cavy Haven, 9877 Chapman Ave Ste D, PMB #124, Garden Grove, CA 92841

memo "Pablo" or "SAGP." Thank you for your generosity!