Thursday, April 28, 2011

For the month of May--

We will be fundraising for one of our own. Marsha is a beautiful person, inside and out, whose home was destroyed in a tornado. Her pigs and rats were possibly killed, her daughter is on oxygen.

Please send checks, made out to Marsha Weaver, to Shevaun Brannigan, 700 Professional Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879. Reference Marsha in the memo line.

Envelopes must have my name on them, instead of Marsha's, otherwise they will not arrive.

Click below to donate--this is going to the SAGP paypal, so I can keep track of how much we've raised. There is no goal. Please donate as you can.

Thanks to all of you for understanding our deviation. Marsha is just like you, she loves piggies and donates to SAGP, as well as other rescues.


$11,473.11 raised in Paypal, $2485 raised in checks/Cash, $50 in giftcards (Walmart), TOTAL: 14,008.11! excludes checks not yet received and donations made directly to Marsha's paypal.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Updates on May's Marsha

UPDATE: One pig has been found. We are unsure if he or she is alive, or which of Marsha's pigs it is. Marsha herself had to go to the hospital, during the storm she clutched her children so tight to her chest that her breastbone pressed into her heart. Marsha is out of the hospital now. Her daughter is in ICU, but is believed to be stable. She has a hole in her lung.

UPDATE: Emma was the pig found, alive and well!

UPDATE: Marsha's daughter is off of oxygen and breathing on her own!

UPDATE: Great article written by one of our supporters, here:

UPDATE: Marsha has found all but one of the pigs and found 6 rats!

Now, with good news there is a little bad news. Of the remaining pigs she found today only 3 were survivors. So that makes 4 pigs found alive (this includes Emma).

Of the rats found, 2 had passed and one needs vet care. The other 3 are ok.

UPDATE: Marsha's daughter is out of the hospital!

UPDATE: Another Rattie has been found, Olivia!

UPDATE: Visit here: for photos you can use as badges on your blog, or as avatars!

UPDATE: Paintings available, proceeds going to Marsha!

UPDATE: Etsy shop donating all proceeds for the month of May to Marsha:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Truman Truffles

To donate to this sweet boy, please click the below donate button:


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:
Contact me at for an address for checks.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


So far we have raised $501 out of $375. We've met our goal!!! I am very hopeful that this month we will not only meet our goal, but surpass it, as Truman has taken such a bite out of MGPR's funds (almost $2k).

Please consider donating, or passing along Truman's story!


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:
Contact me at for an address for checks.

Friday, April 1, 2011

APRIL'S PIG OF THE MONTH--Truman Truffles!

Meet Truman Truffles

from VA rescue

Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue!

Truman is a very special piggy who is incredibly deserving of being this month's featured pig. He was born into the Culpeper Clan, a group of pigs rescued from a hoarder. He is the only one in the group with health issues, that MGPR knows of.

Truman first exhibited symptoms seeming like mites early on, and was treated for mites and with antibiotics prior to being adopted out. He was adopted and returned twice, the first time because the adopter's daughters didn't like to hold him.

Truman was seen by several vets, exhibiting skin issues with very thin fur, and irritable skin. Truman eventually was transferred to his current foster home, and was almost bald and had a very nasty smell. He was eventually diagnosed, via skin biopsy, with "Chronic Hyperplastic Superficial Dermatitis with Perifolliculitis." He has been through many treatments as a result, including holistic treatments.

Since November of 2009, MGPR has spent $1,773.62 on Truman Truffles. This is their most expensive pig ever, since their tracking system began.

His foster mother writes, "If anyone would wonder why so much is being done for one little pig, it's because he is a very special little pig. The moment you hold Truman you understand that he connects and bonds with humans in a way few guinea pigs do. While we still don't have a handle on his condition we have been able to make Truman comfortable."

Our goal for this month, for Truman Truffles, is $375. I know it's high, but I really hope we can make it. MGPR is a great organization and they, and Truman, could really use the help.


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:

Contact me at for an address for checks.

Stars of SAGP: Where are they now? Pt. 2

Remember Buttercup? Her rescue mom writes:

Buttercup is still going strong. She still rules her cage with an iron paw! She is always the first one at the food bowl when it’s refilled, but when I restock hay or bring veggies I make sure I put some right in front of where she is so she doesn’t have to work hard for her share.

She is starting to lose some weight so to maintain we are supplementing with Critical Care and she loves it! Most of her hair is gone now (from the hormone imbalance from ovarian cysts) but she is a confident, mature lady who does not care about how she looks!

And here's a photo of Buttercup enjoying one of the goodies generously donated to her:

For previous updates, visit: