Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Updates on May's Marsha

UPDATE: One pig has been found. We are unsure if he or she is alive, or which of Marsha's pigs it is. Marsha herself had to go to the hospital, during the storm she clutched her children so tight to her chest that her breastbone pressed into her heart. Marsha is out of the hospital now. Her daughter is in ICU, but is believed to be stable. She has a hole in her lung.

UPDATE: Emma was the pig found, alive and well!

UPDATE: Marsha's daughter is off of oxygen and breathing on her own!

UPDATE: Great article written by one of our supporters, here:

UPDATE: Marsha has found all but one of the pigs and found 6 rats!

Now, with good news there is a little bad news. Of the remaining pigs she found today only 3 were survivors. So that makes 4 pigs found alive (this includes Emma).

Of the rats found, 2 had passed and one needs vet care. The other 3 are ok.

UPDATE: Marsha's daughter is out of the hospital!

UPDATE: Another Rattie has been found, Olivia!

UPDATE: Visit here: for photos you can use as badges on your blog, or as avatars!

UPDATE: Paintings available, proceeds going to Marsha!

UPDATE: Etsy shop donating all proceeds for the month of May to Marsha:


Drusilla Kehl said...

I have an eBay auction up to help Marsha as well.

melissa said...

Guineas-Holly, Emma, Allie-Belle and Jasmine
Rats -LuLu, Samantha, Makayla, Olivia and Wesley

RIP Rats;
Devon (found a ways from their home in the road)
Sabrina or Cassandra

RIP Pigs:
Hopkins (PTS badly injured)
Maggie or Laci

Sabrina or Cassandra(rats)
Maggie or Laci (pigs)
All 5 babies (cannot find the Martins cage)