Thursday, February 2, 2012


$395 raised! We have met our goal!

Meet Snowstorm

from BC, Canadian Rescue

Who's that beautiful girl with the crest, and her fur blowing in the wind?

It's Snowstorm!!

Snowstorm is a lethal white who came to the rescue with severe mites, weighing about half of her present weight. She would squeal in pain, but she's all better now!

Here is Snowstorm lounging with some friends in Pigtown. All the other ladies in her cage respect her.

Snowstorm is our first Canadian Piggy, and she loves her country, and rescue!

Snowstorm only has one front tooth, which makes it hard for her to eat her food. The rescue carefully chops things up for her to eat.

She came to the rescue when her owners could no longer care for her, and the rescue was kind enough to take her in.

Snowstorm also chirps!

This month my goal is to raise $10 for every day in February--and it's a leap year, so that puts us at $290 US and Canadian Dollars.

PLEASE donate below, and thank you so much for helping Snowstorm!

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