Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank you from August's pig, Piglet!

Sponsor A Guinea Pig has raised
$258.26 for August's pig,

That's a great kick off for the site's first month, and it will make a real difference for Piglet. Piglet is All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary's most expensive pig, as her medical expenses are at least $200 per month.

We've raised enough for a monthly vet visit for Piglet! Go team Sponsor A Guinea Pig!

A quote from a post made by Piglet's caretaker:

"I just wanted to update with some new pictures, and another thank you. We're over $210 total donations for Piglet!! I can't tell you all how much this helps and how grateful we are.

Piglet is always waiting for dinner in (or under) her cuddle cup when I get home. You can see she still has a smudge of breakfast on her nose!

SO HAPPY DINNER OM NOM NOM!! She gets so excited any time you bring food to her. She's finally eating alfalfa. I mix it with a little timothy/bluegrass to try to trick her but that usually just gets pushed to the back

Wait, is there more?

A very happy ending.

Thanks again to all of you who have donated to Sponsor A Guinea Pig!"

Friday, August 1, 2008


Piglet is a special needs pig who has been with the rescue since May 4th. Piglet was surrendered to the rescue via a local vet, where her owners had left her to be euthanized. Piglet obviously had such a desire to live and the staff couldn't bear to put this cutie to sleep. So they contacted the ACR&S, knowing they could save her.

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Piglet had no incisors but had made it to three years old, underweight, malnourished and neglected. Piglet suffered from severe scurvy, among other worrisome conditions. She had never had hay.

Between Piglet's plucky spirit and ACR&S's devoted care, Piglet is doing much better. She's had some very beneficial dental surgery, and is loving her regular diet of critical care (sort of like a power shake for guinea pigs). Read about her latest medical adventures here. However, Piglet still needs more help. Her veterinary bills cost $200 a month, making her ACR&S's most expensive resident.

Please donate to help Piglet
learn to live a life of comfort.

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Thank you for being an advocate for those who cannot help themselves. Please pass Piglet's story and this site on to others.