Monday, June 8, 2009


We've raised $460 so far-
$175 over our goal!

Oh my goodness! WGPR has received, in addition to the other very generous donations, a $300 donation. Bunny will be set for a very long time! Over 16 months of care have been paid for!

Thank you so much to those of you who have donated, and to those of you who will (or pass along Bunny's story). We greatly appreciate it! You're helping a guinea girl live her life in comfort.

(or, please contact me if you would like to send a check).

Monday, June 1, 2009


Meet Bunny
from the WI rescue

From the Rescue:

Poor Bunny almost died from fright.
This little girl had so little contact with humans at the start of her life that she was terrified of people and was nearly euthanized by the shelter for being too feral. No one thought to pick her up and give her any love or attention when she was a baby.

When she came into the Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue's care, she was so scared that she would sit trembling in her igloo whenever anyone came near her cage. Her foster mom did her very best to help Bunny get more comfortable. In the meantime, the rescue sought a very special home for her (someone with a LOT of patience), but no one stepped forward.

After several months, the foster home took in another scared piggy and cautiously introduced her to Bunny. It took days for the introduction because Bunny was too frightened to leave her corner to meet the other pig. Eventually, though, they did meet and now they hide from the scary humans together. So Bunny has a friend.

After years of being up for adoption with no interest, Bunny is now a permanent part of our pig sanctuary. She is still scared of all strangers but will now tentatively allow her foster mom to touch her on the head for a little scratch every now and then and will even sometimes beg for treats. She will remain in our sanctuary for her lifetime.

Will you help us to provide for Bunny? Our goal is to raise enough money to support her for 10 months in the rescue (pellets, hay, daily fresh veggies and one vet "well-piggy" check-up). At $25 a month for upkeep and $35 for the vet visit, that puts our goal at $285. Bunny had no love in the beginning, so we want to make up for it in her lifetime. Although the Wisconsin Guinea Pig Rescue is a small rescue, we believe in seeing that ALL our rescues live a full life, even if they don't find a forever home.