Sunday, February 27, 2011


Meet Rocky
from CT Rescue

Rocky is a seven year old neutered male who lives in the sanctuary herd, in an enormous 25'x3' cage. Rocky came to the rescue three years ago. He had been a single piggy all of his life, and on top of this, his family lost interest in him.

Rocky is a real character with a mind of his own! He was adopted out three times to excellent homes with friendly buddies over a one year period. Each time he went to his new home he stopped eating. He was checked out thoroughly by different vets, but no medical issues were found.

After the third time this happened, The Critter Connection decided to keep Rocky in the rescue as a sanctuary pig, so he was neutered. He lives in the sanctuary herd with twelve other old-timers, and is the boss of them all.

Our fundraising goal for Rocky is $360, enough for a three month supply of veggies, pellets, carefresh, and hay.

The Critter Connection is especially in need of this funding, as they are going through a financial crisis. Their garage collapsed from the weight of the snow earlier this year, meaning they lost all of their surplus rescue supplies, bedding, hay, extra cages, and many personal items. The homeowner's insurance covered the personal items, but not the rescue's items. The Critter Connection is working on rebuilding their building and supplies. Any extra help we can offer them during this time is much appreciated.


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:

The Critter Connection, Inc.
PO Box 371
Durham, CT 06422

Make checks payable to "The Critter Connection, Inc." and please specify SAGP or Rocky in the Memo line.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Product: Veggie Sleeping Bags!


Mini-veggie sleeping bag in tomato (good for babies and skinnier pigs)=$8
Medium-veggie sleeping bag in carrots (for average-sized pigs)=$12
Large-veggie sleeping bag in cabbage (for plumper piggies)=$15
Please feel free to request other sizes in the fabrics available.

Just email with your requested sleeping bag specs, and I'll get an invoice out to you.

Thanks so much for your interest! Remember, a portion of the proceeds go to the piggies!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Win an SAGP keychain!

Just friend me on Facebook (search for "Sponsor A GuineaPig") and post on my wall by this Thursday afternoon about why you love piggies! I'll use a random number generator to select the winner.

Or you can buy one from me directly for $.10 off the Zazzle price ($3.25) and with free shipping! Supplies are limited!

Friday, February 4, 2011


So far we have raised $349.40 out of $325! We've met our goal!
Please consider donating or passing on Miss Scarlet's story. She would greatly appreciate it!

Two cozy sacks, a tunnel, and hut have been donated. Wonderful!!

Happy Valentine's Day to Miss Scarlet!

The aforementioned guinea pig blanket for her feetsies:

Thank you for being an advocate for those who cannot help themselves.

$ 11,087.20