Friday, February 4, 2011


So far we have raised $349.40 out of $325! We've met our goal!
Please consider donating or passing on Miss Scarlet's story. She would greatly appreciate it!

Two cozy sacks, a tunnel, and hut have been donated. Wonderful!!

Happy Valentine's Day to Miss Scarlet!

The aforementioned guinea pig blanket for her feetsies:

Thank you for being an advocate for those who cannot help themselves.

$ 11,087.20


Ann said...

The treatment for cystic ovaries is 0.2 ml sub cut. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 1000 USP units. Another injection may be needed in 4 weeks. If the ovarian cyst is large press it towards the skin and insert a 21g x 5/8 needle to drain off the fluid. Ovio-hysterectomy is expensive, dangerous and deprives Miss Scarlet of the hormones she needs to maintain her skin, hair and bones. Treatment for UTI is 0.5ml Pediatric Bactrim orally twice a day for 10 to 14 days. This must be administered with the anti inflammatory drug Rimadyl at a oral dose of 10mg twice a day for the first 3 days then reduce to 5mg twice a day for days 4 through 14. If you do not have Rimadyl then children’s ibuprofen at an oral dose of 0.2ml twice a day for the entire 14 days may be given. Make sure Miss Scarlet gets plenty of low calcium water, less than 4mg/l of calcium, at least 40ml/day. Deionized water that can be bought at the grocery store for 68 cents/gallon is recommended. Calcium sludge is treated with the low calcium water and orally 0.2ml/day for life hydrangea root extract from Herbspro. It reduces the pH of the urine.
Urine scald is treated with diaper rash cream such as Desitin.
Ann Evans Rodentologist, 27 years experience in operating a private cavy rescue home, Trained by the Cambridge Cavy Trust and Guinea Pig Hospital and British Association of Rodentologists

Ann said...

This is Ann Evans again. The point I was trying to make is that Miss Scarlet does not need an expensive and dangerous operation. There are newer methods and generic drugs and even homeopathic drugs that can be used to treat her. I meant to say that drinking water treated by reverse osmosis should be given to her for life. I am not a vet. I am a scientist and a rodentologist and have sponsored cavies in the past even though I operate a private cavy rescue. I volunteer at a veterinary hospital where I see 10-15 cavies/week. Often the most cost effective treatments are the best.

S.B. said...

Dear Ann,

Thank you for your feedback! I will forward this link to the Texas Rustlers director for her to discuss with her vet.