Tuesday, May 1, 2012


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Meet Chocolate Eclair from

Five year old Chocolate Eclair (or Clair, for short) came into the rescue with three other elderly guinea pigs shortly after Christmas of 2011.  They were given up because the children in their family had gotten older and were no longer interacting with them.  The mom in the family fed them and the dad cleaned the cage every week but they didn't receive any additional attention for months.  Clair had possibly the worst case of bumblefoot I had ever seen.  This isn't something that cropped up suddenly.  It had slowly developed over many painful months.

I knew she was in agony when she arrived because she was skinny, her eyes were glassy and she was extremely reluctant to move.

We got her to the vet later that day.  He agreed that due to the severity of the infection, there was bone involvement and this was no doubt going to be a chronic and complicated condition to treat.

Within a few days of being on metacam for pain and swelling, she was becoming very difficult to catch so we knew she was feeling better.  She was also trying to dominate her cage mate which was a very good sign and after a few weeks, she started to gain weight.

She has betadine food soaks twice daily, a dose of metacam once daily for pain, silver sulfadiazine cream for the bottom of her foot, and periodic use of the antibiotic baytril as recommended by her vet.  She has monthly vet visits to monitor her condition.

We estimate the cost of her care to be approximately $80 per month.

SAGP will be fundraising for four months of Clair's care, meaning a goal of $320. Please donate or pass along Clair's story!


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