Sunday, November 4, 2012


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Meet Frankie-Lynn
from VA rescue

Frankie-Lynn was named after Franklin Park. That is where she was discovered in November of last year roaming free under attack by a hawk. Lucky for her a Good Samaritan happened by with her dog. The dog gave chase to the poor hawk and the human managed to catch Frankie-Lynn. Frankie
was the 5th guinea pig to come to us last year found abandoned outside.

After being treated for mites, all seemed well. She was spayed and looking for a happy forever home. Every foster home she was in soon became charmed by this plucky little girl. However, soon became apparent something was wrong. She lost some weight and started drinking a lot of water. She just didn’t thrive. The veterinarians couldn’t find anything wrong with her but she just wasn’t right - a bit listless. We soon decided to try to find a friend for her. Maybe she was just lonely. After a few attempts at pairing with male and female pigs we decided that wasn’t going to work. She liked sharing a divided cage but wanted no part of actually sharing a cage with anyone.

Finally, there was a small clue when one of the volunteers noticed that her urine smelled “off” and wondered if she could have some type of systemic disease. Blood tests would show she had Addison's Disease - a
first for MGPR.

Frankie-Lynn’s ride will end in a sanctuary home here at MGPR. While her medication is not so very costly we will want to be sure she is always going to get the support she needs. MGPR can do that because of you.

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