Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So far we've raised $424.96 out of $300!

We've met our goal with time to spare! Thanks so much everyone! We've paid for two of Tagg's surgeries and part of a third!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Meet Tagg

from Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue!

Tagg is an adorable, handsome, beautiful, indescribable! guinea guy. He is currently suffering from Myxosarcoma tumors on his nose (painful, but not cancerous). They have to be surgically removed every few months, causing both Tagg and the rescue great distress. Financial contributions toward Tagg will be greatly appreciated.

His story is told in two parts:

From Tagg's first and final foster mom: "Carroll County called us to come get guinea pigs. They already had too many rabbits and pigs then York PA contacted them to take pigs they were going to have to euth. So there was no room at York. Then there was no room at Carroll. Then we were called and we had no room for boys. I went and picked up the females and left Tagg behind. All day I couldn't get Tagg off my mind. The next Morning I was at Carroll before they opened. He had cast his spell and I had to have him so I set up an emergency cage. Having said that it certainly was never on my mind that Tagg would end up moving around a bit within MGPR and then finding his way back to me to spend the rest of his life.Tagg is shy of humans but VERY interested in EVERYTHING going on around him. He is always looking at everything and has the most adorable way of moving his head. He seems more like an animated toy than an animal. He prances and scampers rather than walks. When you pick him up he kind of melts in your arms in a rubbery kind of way and he smells wonderful."

From Tagg's second foster mom: "He is a sweetie pie! He loves his floor time. Even with the ugly "thing" on his face, he just got on with life as if nothing were wrong. He is a popcorning fool. He loves other pigs and is always trying to see my sick pig Ernie. He is a little shy with people. He eats his Vit C tab every day. He climbed my stairs once. He took his meds no problem until the end, when he decided enough was enough and refused the last couple of days, but I "persuaded" him to take them. I have never heard him chatter his teeth and he purrs every time he sees pigs."

Each surgery costs $150-we are hoping to raise enough money for two surgeries-$300. Will you help with a $1 donation today?