Saturday, June 2, 2012


WE MET OUR GOAL! $494.71 raised!

Meet Harley from

The Critter Connection!

The Critter Connection received a phone call from their vet hospital at 8:00pm in April.  Someone had found a guinea pig in the woods in a tiny plastic container, went and got him right away.  The stench is the container was horrible.  Harley was dehydrated and paralyzed in the back end.  Estimated him to be about 6 weeks old.  

We gave him some fluids and an injection of vitamin C that night and then I brought him home.  The next day our vet did xrays and found nothing abnormal in his back end.  Determined that severe malnutrition, vitamin C deficiency, and confinement in a container that wasn't even big enough for a spider was the problem.  

Continued with injections of vitamin C, slowly started him on a good diet, and began massage therapy.  Harley has made huge strides and has 90 percent use of his back legs.  His buddy Mumbo is helping me with Harley's physical theraphy.  

Mumbo is one of our permanent senior males and Harley follows him everywhere.  I have a long carpeted ramp with a gentle incline and twice a day I put treats all along the ramp.   Harley's costs are maintenance, daily vitamin C supplement, fresh veggies twice a day, puppy pee pads under fleece in one area of his cage, carefresh in the other. He should be adoptable in another month or two.

Harley's costs are about $150 a month. We are trying to fundraise enough for 2.5 months, or $375. 


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:

The Critter Connection, Inc.

PO Box 371

Durham, CT 06422

Make checks payable to "The Critter Connection, Inc." and please specify SAGP or Harley in the Memo line.


*you can also log in to your paypal account, select "Send Money," and type "" in to the "to field." Then select "personal" at the top tab. The default status should be "gift." Leave this as-is. Then enter your gift amount. The Critter Connection thanks you for going to this extra trouble!