Tuesday, April 3, 2012


$530.29 or 400.10 pounds raised so far! WOO HOO WE MADE OUR GOAL!

UPDATE: We have a person willing to match a $75 donation! If you make a $75 donation, your dollars will be doubled!

UPDATE: MATCH MADE. Thanks to both parties!

Meet Ollie
from UK Rescue

Ollie is around a 14 months old and has many problems. He has no bottom incisors, so his top ones grow at an enormous rate, he is unable to close his mouth properly and also has a heart problem.

Despite his many little difficulties he is game to try anything and is great at escaping from his pen. He has been in TC Rescue for around 6 months and has gained weight during that that time and is blossoming out into a real character. He often visits other piggies or goes walk about on the floor. Ollie needs to visit the vet every 6 weeks or so to trim his teeth and make sure that the back teeth are still okay. I can keep the incisors trimmed between visits but am unable to do his molars myself.Ollie also needs at least two feeds of critical Care per day and all his veg cut up into batons. He also needs his heart meds daily. He was a dirty, skinny little lad when he first arrived and while he will never be a big rounded piggy he is doing just fine.

We are hoping to raise $275 or 207.41 pounds. Please donate, and share Ollie's story!

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