Monday, January 2, 2012


$265.50 raised so far! WE HAVE MET OUR GOAL!

Meet Pootle

from TX Rescue

Pootle has problems!

Pootle has a middle ear infection, confirmed by an x-ray. She is a furry skinny who came to the rescue during their Global Exotics seizure in February of 2010.

We are fundraising to help cure her very painful ear infection, and help TX Rustlers recoup some of the costs they have spent treating it.

Pootle is getting the very best of care right now, staying at the rescue director's house.

The antibiotic for Pootle is $45, the x-ray $75, and the check-up is $40, for a total of $160. I'm going to add on another $90 to our goal, for a total of $250, in case her ear infection returns.

Please consider making a donation for Pootle!


Thank you for being an advocate for those who cannot help themselves.
Please pass Pootle's story and this site on to others.

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