Monday, October 1, 2012


So far we've raised $450! We met our goal!

Meet Donald Trump
from FL rescue
Crazy Cavies

This guinea pig is named Donald Trump and he was abandoned at a shelter that does not house anything but dogs and cats. One of the workers took him and his buddy in and found us and contacted us to take him and find him a new home. He came in with bumblefoot, double ear infections, and both eyes were infected and had corneal abrasions. He was treated with meds for everything and has 90% recovered. He is now blind in the one eye from the corneal abrasion but the other eye healed nicely. He still has moderate bumblefoot on his left front paw but is healing. With all the exams, treatments, and meds we have spent about $500 and that will continue to go up as we keep treating his bumblefoot. He is very sweet and is being housed with his friend and another male piggy.

This Donald Trump isn't a billionaire, and neither are his caretakers! Can you help us reach our goal of $400 for Donald?


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