Sunday, December 2, 2012


$784.50 raised so far! WOW! Keep forwarding Eliot's story, and please consider donating!

Meet Eliot
from GA Rescue
Atlanta Metro Guinea Pig Rescue!

The director of AMGPR, Lisa Sharp, writes: 

I went to sex some pigs at an owners house from 2 accidental pregnancies (pet store sold females as males).  While looking at the babies, I noticed one of the mamas having trouble walking.  The owner didn’t have the money to care for her so she asked me to take her as well as the babies.

Eliot is just a baby herself, probably no more than 4 months old at this point.  This means she was impregnated at about 2 months of age…an age when she should have been using all of her nutrients to grow her own body.  Instead she had FOUR babies to grow and then, after delivery, nurse.  This leeched all the calcium and vitamins from her. This along with poor nutrition in her former home, her hips were destroyed, rendering her back legs practically useless.  One is stronger than the other but she still can’t zoom and popcorn like a normal pig her age loves to do. She will use them only when she is startled to get back into her cozy sak.  Even then, she uses one leg more than the other.

Despite the trials she’s gone through during such a short life, she is the SWEETEST little pig.  When I walk in the room she comes out to greet me and begs for attention.  She gets excited when veggies come and eats like a horse!  She also keeps herself very clean.  Her spirit is strong and we are going to work hard to get her body stronger.

Eliot will remain a sanctuary pig in the rescue for her life.  We are going to make every day of her life count and hopefully be better as the years go by.  We will treat aggressively with acupuncture, laser therapy and supplements in her diet.  Our hope is to help her body regrow some tissue and strengthen her bones so there is no further damage.  During the first several months I expect to be at the vets every 7-10 days for acupuncture, maybe stretching that out if we start seeing results.  X-rays will be taken periodically throughout the process to gauge progress.

Monthly expenses (at least over the next 3 months) are expected to be:
Food/hay/veggies: $20
Laundry                 : $ 5
Vet visits               : $120
Xrays                      : $115
Supplements        : $30

Our goal is to raise $362.50, enough for five weeks of Eliot's care. Can you pitch in or forward Eliot's story?


*Please send checks made payable to Lisa Sharp to:

PO Box 72301
Marietta, GA 30007

Lisa Sharp is the director of AMGPR. Please reference Eliot or SAGP in the subject line.