Monday, December 5, 2011


Total so far: $405! We have met our goal!

Meet Mahi Mahi

from CA rescue

Sue from Cavy House writes on 12/2:

We have a very sweet little black crested female named Mahi Mahi who just had surgery yesterday. She came to us pregnant and quite huge. The last week of pregnancy, she morphed into a pancake - very round and she also flattened out vertically too. She started dragging her hind legs behind her at times which we assumed was just because of the extra weight.

She ended up having 5 pups - and all of them were average to large size pups (100-150 grams). The poor girl. She regained use of the legs after she had the pups - but then intermittently drug them behind her again.

Our vet took and x-ray and discovered the poor girl had broken both hips! So yesterday she had surgery to fix both hips - cleaned out the joints, removed the broken femoral heads and sewed her back up. She is on pain meds and eating and pooping so we're optimistic.

Our fundraising goal is $300 for Mahi Mahi, and this will cover only a fraction of the surgery and the initial appointment /x-rays.


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Checks can be made to "Cavy House" and sent to Cavy House, Sue DuHamel, PO Box 324, La Honda, Ca. 94020.