Tuesday, January 1, 2013


$487.01 raised so far for Rapunzel--WE MET OUR GOAL!! Please donate and forward!

Meet Rapunzel from

North Jersey Guinea Pig and Hamster Rescue!

This 8 month old peruvian girl came into the rescue from a hoarder.  When she arrived, she was active and would eat, but not enough to maintain her weight.  We fed her with critical care for several weeks when it became obvious she was pregnant.  On Thanksgiving day, she delivered two stillborn pups.

She still was not eating as much as she should.  The vet took x-rays and did blood work. He checked her teeth and filed down some small points, but nothing significant.  He found nothing obviously wrong.  He wants to do exploratory surgery and possibly a spay but does not want to risk the surgery until she has gained some more weight.  We are continuing the supplemental feedings and she is beginning to gain weight.

We are asking for contributions to reimburse us for the anesthesia/tooth filing, blood work and x-rays and anything that is left over, if any, will be applied to her future surgery. Our fundraising goal is $365.

Thank you SAGP for this opportunity to help her.  She is a very sweet girl and we want to do the best we can for her.  We are grateful for all assistance.


*you can also log in to your paypal account, select "Send Money," and type "carlahcpa@aol.com" in to the "to field." Then select "personal" at the top tab. The default status should be "gift." Leave this as-is. Then enter your gift amount. North Jersey Hamster and Guinea Pig Rescue thanks you for going to this extra trouble!