Sunday, October 2, 2011


UPDATE: So far we have raised $382! Thank you to those who have donated! WE MADE OUR GOAL!

Meet Hope

from AZ Rescue

Above: before picture, Banner: Present Day. Hope is pictured with her pup, Gateway.

Hope is one of the mother guinea pigs that came in as part of a group of 4 Moms and 13 babies from the hoarder case featured last month. APPR was generous enough to take in many of these pigs from the overwhelmed CA rescues.

Hope is malnourished, weak, and trying so hard to nurse her pups. She is a beautiful & gentle little Mommy that needs a lot of love & attention.

The cost of care for one of the hoarder's guinea pigs for a month of care, including hay, pellets, fresh fruit & vegetables and housing is about $50, unless we have to go to the Vet - which would be an unknown expense. It is a high possibility that Hope will need veterinary care at some time in the future to assure her survival. Medicines are another expense for mites and lice, which many of the pigs have. In addition, we have transportation needs and since our Rescue does not have a "Company Van", we rely on volunteers to spend time & money on gas and other things like carriers
and various comfort items.

For example, these are the retail prices of some items each pig uses:

Bedding - Softwood: $12
Lg Hidey Hut : $10
Fleece : $5
Snuggle Cup: $19
Food dish : $5
C & C cage : $50
Hay : $10
Oxbow Pellets: $12
Fresh Veggies & Fruit: $20

I'm estimating that to house Hope for the healing time needed it will be about $100 in fixed cost and another $42 per month for upkeep, plus any medical/veterinary expenses and volunteer expenses.

As a result, SAGP hopes to raise $352--enough for getting Hope settled initially, and then for six
months of her care.


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