Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We've Surpassed Our Goal!
Sponsor a Guinea Pig has raised $450-
$131 over our $269 goal!

that's almost twice as much
as we intended to raise-THANK YOU

"Thank you!!" says Peachie!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Meet Peaches
from the MD/DC/VA rescue
Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue!

Peaches is a five year old sanctuary guinea pig with Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. She is a very special girl who has been living the good life for over a year now, when she wasn't supposed to even live through her first night with the rescue. Each month Peaches's medical care costs the rescue $134.50-we are trying to raise enough for two months of her medical care! That's $269. This includes the office exam ($22.5o) an incisor trim ($15), her Meloxicam ($23), critical care ($28), Cosequin ($11.50), Benazapril ($11.50), and Metronidazole ($23).

Will you consider giving the gift of continued care, in the form of a $1 donation (or larger) today?

When Peaches first arrived at the rescue, she was too weak to stand. She had an ulcer in her left eye, a fungal infection in her ears, bumblefoot, mites, teeth issues, and weighed less than a pound. Peaches had to be fed every hour on the hour throughout the night for days.

Now this miracle piggy, who has defied all expectations, is a grand diva of MGPR. She's become addicted to Critical Care (the food supplement that pulled her through those first nights) and eats that around the clock as well as regular meals! She's developed a healthy and unique wheek known as the TRUMPET, and all who meet her fall in love. She now weighs just under two pounds, but acts like she's the biggest of the herd.

Peaches has to visit the vet every month for a tooth trim, and gets a general check up. She has been diagnosed with heart issues, a fused spine due to malnutrition through her youth, severe arthritis in her knees, and her ear infection continues to occur. She is on five different medicines. Since the vet makes them fruit flavored she's addicted to her medicines too-if her caretakers are late she lets out the TRUMPET!

Thank you for being an advocate for those who cannot help themselves. Please pass Peaches's story and this site on to others.

(Want more of Peaches? Here's one of many videos of Peaches on YouTube. How did I find them? I filmed them :) My fiance and I are her caretakers. Don't worry though-all donations go straight to MGPR, who pays for Peaches's medical bills. We're just lucky enough to foster her each day! If fostering sounds like something you'd be interested in doing, why not find a local rescue through Petfinder.com?)