Monday, March 8, 2010

Update for Ziggy and Brodie!

So far we have raised $379.66 or #254.94! We've reached our goal, way to go!

Brodie says, "Thank you!" (picture courtesy of Webs).

Monday, March 1, 2010

MARCH'S PIGS-Ziggy and Brodie!

Meet Ziggy and Brodie
from UK Rescue

This year's two pigs are Brodie (11 months) and Ziggy (around two years). You will remember Brodie from last year. He lived with Josh after Yetti died. We could not find a piggy who would accept him after Josh went to the Rainbow Bridge, and we tried many, so we decided to castrate and find him a wife.

Ziggy arrived in terrible condition, mites, lice, very thin, and terrified of all piggies due to being mercilessly bullied by her cage mates. She coud not eat for sheer fear she would be bitten, she was separated from the other piggies and enjoyed life by herself for a while being syringe fed to gain much needed weight. She was only 1 lb 3 ounces. We also discovered Ziggy had a heart problem so she is now on Fortekor and still being syringe fed to ensure she continues to gain, she is now at 1 lb 12 ounces!

We paired her with Brodie and all was well for two days. Then we noticed a small abscess on Brodie's nose, cleaned it up, but by night time he had a huge abscess below his ear. At that point they were separated, Ziggy with the resident girls and Brodie in a hospital cage.

For three weeks now we have battled with Brodie's abscesses, so far the count is 16. He has some sort of infection that is being carried around in his blood and is causing abscesses. He has had two vet visits so far costing #178.35 to lance and clean/flush out the abscesses. Two more are coming up and they will need to be lanced in the very near future.

He is on Baytil and pain relief, syringe feeds daily just to keep him topped up, as well as huge doses of probiotics. We have not managed to definitely isolate the exact bacteria causing the infection but it is thought to be pastuerella. We do not know if we will win the battle for him and have been warned it may break out again at any time in the future.

He is happy, lively, and a complete star when it comes to all the flushing, cleanimg etc. of his wounds. He sits with his head tilted up and we get on with the job, only occasionally does he flinch if we touch a particularly sensitive spot.

So meanwhile these two lonely piggies have to be separated and there is no doubt that Brodie misses Ziggy. We do all we can to keep him happy but we are not piggies! Plus there is the zoonosis side and we have been well warned about this, wearing masks, gloves, etc. We have to keep to very strict hygeine and the big pads for him to sit on while we clean him up cost $14.95 for 12 and we go through 2 a day.

Costs for Brodie per week are: Baytril #9.00, Antibiotic flushing solution #6.00, Chlorahexadine #3.15, Sundries (cotton buds/balls, syringes, probiotics) #3, Critical Care #14.95, Pain Relief #3.00.

Costs for Ziggy per week: Fortekor: #4.90, Critical Care: #14.95.

Total cost per week: #58.95 or $88.79. Total fundraising goal (a three week supply): #176.85 or $266.37

We hope that Ziggy and Brodie can live together again but Brodie does not have a quick fix illness. But as long as he is happy, lively and enjoying life we will keep him on with meds, syringe feedings, and flushings, and hope that there is a happy ending for both of these loveable pigs.

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