Thursday, January 15, 2009

Final Total for Jackie and Chester!

We've Reached Our Goal!
Sponsor a Guinea Pig has raised $281.56-
That's $20 over our $261.28 goal!

We've raised enough for the eye drops, dental bur, one dental trim, the metacam, the critical care, the anesthesia, and the Torb injection!

Thank you for supporting Sponsor a Guinea Pig!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Meet Jackie and Chester
from the TX rescue
TX Rustlers!

Jackie (R) and Chester (L) are a newly bonded pair of special needs sweethearts. They both have expensive dental needs, and Jackie is going blind. Their needs are actually so expensive that we hope to raise enough money for meds for the pair for the month, and pay for the dental procedure for one of the piggies. Any donations received over our goal will go toward a second dental procedure.

Our goal is $261.28. The meds are: Metacam $14.72, Eye drops $10.50, and Critical Care, $25.oo. The dental procedure's costs are as follows: Torb injection $28.06, Anaesthesia $88.00, Dental Trim $75.00, and Bur $20.00.

Please consider donating toward these guineas' medical needs, or passing on the site to someone who might :)
Learn more about their story below.

Jackie has been in the rescue since she was one month old, when she came from a local animal control. When she was weaned from her mother the rescue noticed she wasn't gaining weight--and then realized she didn't have any top teeth! A year and a half later Jackie requires some careful dietary considerations, an expensive monthly dental procedure, and her beloved parsley. Jackie has recently had a hard time of it after losing her long time guinea mate, Claude. At the same time Jackie began going blind in her left eye, requiring medical attention. Meeting Chester helped her immensely.

Chester is three years old, and was owner-surrendered to the rescue four months ago. He also needs expensive monthly dental procedures, and has a painful infection in his mouth. The poor boy is on daily antibiotics and pain meds. This doesn't stop him from being a complete snuggler and cuddler with people, and cheering up Jackie again after her loss. They are a very practical, loving pair--if they were people they would have met at the orthadonist's office :) But instead the good folks at Texas Rustlers brought them together.

Please consider donating toward January's pigs:

Thank you for being an advocate for those who cannot help themselves. Please pass Jackie and Chester's story and this site on to others.

in order to avoid paypal's fees, consider sending a check or money order to:

Texas Rustlers

160 Cedarcrest lane,
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