Monday, August 25, 2008

Thank you from August's pig, Piglet!

Sponsor A Guinea Pig has raised
$258.26 for August's pig,

That's a great kick off for the site's first month, and it will make a real difference for Piglet. Piglet is All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary's most expensive pig, as her medical expenses are at least $200 per month.

We've raised enough for a monthly vet visit for Piglet! Go team Sponsor A Guinea Pig!

A quote from a post made by Piglet's caretaker:

"I just wanted to update with some new pictures, and another thank you. We're over $210 total donations for Piglet!! I can't tell you all how much this helps and how grateful we are.

Piglet is always waiting for dinner in (or under) her cuddle cup when I get home. You can see she still has a smudge of breakfast on her nose!

SO HAPPY DINNER OM NOM NOM!! She gets so excited any time you bring food to her. She's finally eating alfalfa. I mix it with a little timothy/bluegrass to try to trick her but that usually just gets pushed to the back

Wait, is there more?

A very happy ending.

Thanks again to all of you who have donated to Sponsor A Guinea Pig!"

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