Thursday, April 28, 2011

For the month of May--

We will be fundraising for one of our own. Marsha is a beautiful person, inside and out, whose home was destroyed in a tornado. Her pigs and rats were possibly killed, her daughter is on oxygen.

Please send checks, made out to Marsha Weaver, to Shevaun Brannigan, 700 Professional Drive, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879. Reference Marsha in the memo line.

Envelopes must have my name on them, instead of Marsha's, otherwise they will not arrive.

Click below to donate--this is going to the SAGP paypal, so I can keep track of how much we've raised. There is no goal. Please donate as you can.

Thanks to all of you for understanding our deviation. Marsha is just like you, she loves piggies and donates to SAGP, as well as other rescues.


$11,473.11 raised in Paypal, $2485 raised in checks/Cash, $50 in giftcards (Walmart), TOTAL: 14,008.11! excludes checks not yet received and donations made directly to Marsha's paypal.



MapleOwl18 said...

A link to the wonderful stories on Weavers Pigs, many of them rescued.

We don't know if any of the piggies or ratties survived.

Suzy said...

I donated & am praying for her & her family xoxo

Sam Mitchell said...

Happy to help, sending all my thoughts at such a tragic time.

Anonymous said...

I just donated - my heart goes out to her and her family! :(


Melinie said...

We have donated and are sending thoughts and prayers for Marsha, her family (and animals), as well as everyone affected by these devastating storms.

-Melina of Dazzle Me Rats

Yum-Yum said...

Those of us known as MODS (Molly the Owl Obsessive Disorder!) send our deepest loving thoughts, prayers, and donations...most of us also rescue companion animals and work actively in animal rescue. Or we are lovers of Life and those little brothers and sisters we are gifted to steward. Please accept our support, in whatever way each individual donates, and our best wishes are with each and every one of you.

Anonymous said...

Guinea pigs were used as healing animals in Peruvian culture. May Marsha's good piggy karma bring health and luck to her and her family.

Brian said...
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Hammy said...

Happy Cavy has made a donation. Wishing all the best and keeping Marsha and her family in our thoughts.

Huntsville Friends of Rabbits said...

We made a donation and also posted this on our Huntsville Friends of Rabbits webpage and Facebook page. I hope some of the bunny people will donate for marsha and her beautiful family.

JaneDoe said...

Way to go! Here is a video I made linking to this page:

Jane Hautanen

Kounela said...

Hello everyone,

It is a rough time indeed for the Weaver family but people from all across the world have joined together in an effort to make things somewhat easier in the ways they can.

TheCozyCavy and Marsha are well known in the animal community and many people have been wanting to help out.

I am currently working on two projects, neither of them involving monetary issues so I am spreading the word so that those who wish to participate, may.
Basically, I am going around collecting messages from everyone across the web and putting those messages together in a book/keepsake of sorts to give to Marsha. So many people have gotten involved that there are messages scattered everywhere and I am trying to regroup them.

If you would like to be part of this, simply send your message at:

Please put "Weavers" in the subject.

I am also doing the same thing for the vet who has taken care of the Weaver furries during this time. I will be collecting thank you messages and also assembling them together in a book/keepsake. This will most probably be sent to the vet along with a gift with the help of the GuineaLynx forum

To send a thank you, simply email your message here:

Please put "Vet" in the subject.

liliths_legacy said...

I couldnt send much and it's probably a drop in the ocean of this tragedy, but I hope it can make a little difference. I hope Marsha and her family will be able to go through this, and that the fur babies will be too, the ones who have been saved.

JaneDoe said...

Here is a new video, also linking to you: