Saturday, October 30, 2010


from GA Rescue

Buttercup came to the rescue back in April 2010 as a “4-5 yr old”. She came in with her sister who has since passed away. Buttercup has been deemed a sanctuary pig because of her age and potential health issues.

During her vet visit back in April it was determined she is going blind and has several lumpy masses in her abdomen. Because of her age we have decided against surgery. Being a mature lady, she also has bladder control issues and her bedding needs changing quite frequently. She is housed on fleece and towels so laundry is done more often for her cage.

She is eating well so far and loves hanging out with her cage mates, sometimes bossing them around by giving them “the look!” Her favorite place to be is under a Cozy Sak or Cuddle Cup or in a tunnel.

Buttercup’s needs are simple at the time: a warm, dry place to lay down, fresh hay and veggies, a clean bottle of water and gentle snorgles from us!

How can you help?

We are hoping to raise $260 for Buttercup, enough for four months of her care! This will cover: Hay and Pellets - $10/month, Fresh Veggies & Fruit - $30-40/month (depending on the season), and Laundry - $15/month.

Please consider donating, and remember, Sponsor a Guinea Pig is where a dollar makes a difference!

If you'd like to send Buttercup a present, she has the following on her wishlist:

A new sack or cozy cup from The Cozy Cavy.--DONATED
A new hut from Jen's Custom Crafts--DONATED
A tunnel from Sewing 4 a Cause--DONATED

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