Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Meet Minerva
from CT rescue

Minerva is a 6 year old female that was born with no eyes. She has been in the rescue since she was 3 weeks old as our mascot and is a sanctuary pig. Not having any sight hasn't slowed her down one bit. She rules the "herd" and is very perticular about who she will allow in her inner circle. She has had a chronic bladder infection and xrays today revealed that her bladder wall has become quite thick. Fortunately there are no bladder stones but she will be on a long course of antibiotics to see if we can't get this straightened out.

Our goal for Minerva is $50! Thanks so much for everyone who donated to Hawk already. Please feel no obligation to donate again :)


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:

The Critter Connection, Inc.
PO Box 371
Durham, CT 06422

Make checks payable to "The Critter Connection, Inc." and please specify SAGP or Minerva in the Memo line.

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