Friday, August 6, 2010

AUGUST'S (real) PIGS OF THE MONTH-Spice and Misu!

Both these elderly sanctuary pigs are living out their golden years. Spice (the one pictured at left) is over seven years old, rescued from a school situation years ago. He recently lost his life partner, but we think we may have found a new lady piggy for him to snuggle with.

Spice has always been special needs, as he has deformed front feet which turn in and cause him to walk on the sides of his lower legs.

Misu, over 6 years old, also recently lost her life partner. Misu is a brown and white teddy girl whom we hope will warm up to a male friend.

Spice is neutered and recently underwent a mass removal of a suspicious mass on his jaw, and a second mass on his armpit. He has made an amazing recovery for such an old guy, and we hope he will be able to spend more time in his doting foster home.

Though neither piggy is on medication, as sanctuary pigs they still place a financial strain on the rescue. Not to mention that Wee Companions also has 20 pregnant females in addition to these two!!

We are hoping to raise $300 for their care. Please won't you help us with a donation today?


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