Thursday, August 5, 2010


UPDATE: All of the guinea pigs have been adopted, except for five. This is worrisome. Some may have been bought as breeders or feeders. Hopefully as many as possible went to good homes! Regardless, they are not there to fundraise for, so we are reverting back to the original August piggy, Spice!

Urgent! There have been 90 guinea pigs surrendered to a TX shelter. They are in desperate need of rescues and adopters.

SAGP will be fundraising for these pigs for the month of August, but I'm not sure whether we're going to fundraise for a rescue that takes in some of the pigs, or the shelter itself. Please place $5 aside (or any other amount) until further notice.

For updates, please visit:

For the adoptable pigs:


To donate now:

Funds will temporarily be placed in the SAGP account, and held until a recipient is found.

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