Tuesday, July 31, 2012


$424.50 raised so far! WE HAVE MET OUR GOAL! Can we keep going and raise the full amount for Junebug's surgery?

UPDATE: an anonymous donor has offered a match of up to $100, and a separate donor has offered a match up to $33 (so we are seeking $133). We have raised an additional $200 toward this match--WE MET OUR SECONDARY GOAL!


Meet Junebug

from CA rescue

Junebug is one brave pig! This guinea girl was found suffering from a shattering leg injury in a cardboard box outside of a CVS Drugstore in Fremont, Calif. last month. 

Shortly after she was discovered abandoned with a tramatic injury, she found refuge at Stockton's Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary this summer. At the sanctuary, Junebug received specialized rehabiliation. 

To alleviate her constant pain, Junebug's leg was removed by a small animal vet to the tune of $690.40 shortly after her rescue. Her recovery has been going extremely well. 

As a tripod guinea pig, Junebug looks forward to a future free of neglect with her new rescued companion Kealy.

Our goal is to fundraise $345.20 to pay for half the cost of Junebug's operation.

Click here to donate, or scroll down to the paypal button! Please be sure to specify Junebug in the section where it asks for a designation.

Or, you can send a check or money order to:

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
PO Box 998
French Camp, CA 95231

Be sure to put Junebug in the memo line!

*To avoid Paypal fees you can also log in to your paypal account, select "Send Money," and type "margo@harvesthomeanimal.org" in to the "to field." Then select "personal" at the top tab. The default status should be "gift." Leave this as-is. Then enter your gift amount. Harvest Home thanks you for going to this extra trouble!

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