Sunday, September 2, 2012


A round of applause for our supporters! 
We met the goal by day FIVE! $430 raised so far!

Meet Eros
from CA rescue

Eros came to Wee Companions through a long and assorted journey.
Though we are not sure how old he is, he moves and acts like an old
man that has been given a new lease on life.

Wee Companions was contacted by a local San Diego dog and cat rescue
that had recently been involved with removing animals from a hoarder.
In the midst of the menagerie, there was one orange and white guinea
pig.  He was found outside in a wire cage that had sodden, rotting
cardboard on the bottom.  The only food in his cage was cheep cat food
and whatever blades of grass could grow through the wires.  When the
dog and cat folk got there, they gracious look the little guinea man
too, and then sought specialized help for him.  Wee Companions went to
pick up this little man on Valentine's Day, and his name was
officially christened, Eros.

Even though Eros was safe in loving arms, it was touch and go for a
few weeks. To this day, Eros cannot stomach a lot of vegetables and
isn't quite used to the idea of eating hay, so his GI Tract has good
and bad days.  Eros still suffers from terrible arthritis, so much so,
that if he doesn't get his pain meds, he is unable to use his back
legs.  Now, many months later, after his bath, a round of antibiotics
and anti-parasitics, living on soft and clean fleece, given all the
hay/pellets/water he desires, and getting arthritis medicine daily,
Eros can move freely and has learned that the human hand brings nose
"scritches" not fear.

Eros now lives at one of Wee Companions sanctuary/hospice homes where
he is pampered day in and out.  Because he was so compromised, his
monthly upkeep is about $200, due to the medicines and comfort care.

Thank you for giving Eros another chance to live passionately!


Bag of Oats-$5
Bag of Critical Care-$20
Extra Ingredients added to Critical Care-$15
Bag of Specialized Pellets
Bottle of Metacam-$45
Bottle of Torbugesic-$25
Bottle of Metaclopramide-$30
Fleece bedding and general husbandry-$40

We are trying to fundraise $400 for Eros, to cover two months of his care.

*To avoid Paypal fees you can also log in to your paypal account, select "Send Money," and type "" in to the "to field." Then select "personal" at the top tab. The default status should be "gift." Leave this as-is. Then enter your gift amount. Wee Companions thanks you for going to this extra trouble!

send checks or money orders to:
Wee Companions
975 Iris Ave
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

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