Monday, July 2, 2012


We have raised $380 so far! WE MET OUR GOAL!

Meet George 


George was transferred from Wee Companions, a guinea pig shelter in San Diego, on February 8, 2011.  He came with his wife Millie.  George and Millie were at that time 5 year old pigs.  Millie had a malignant tumor in her bladder and it was decided, for this reason, that they both go into a private foster home to live out their remaining days.

When this happens they become what we call “Sanctuary Pigs”.  These are unadoptable pigs due to age, health reasons, or behavior issues that make them unadoptable to the public.

Millie lived for six months before she passed.  George was heartbroken.

It just so happened that one of Piggie Poo’s Directors had two female sanctuary piggies.  Since George was a neutered boar, it was decided to move him to her house and try living with these senior ladies.  He was overjoyed!

He especially loves Tater Tot.  They snuggle together in their hut and Tater will even groom George.  Recently a third older female has joined the herd and he loves her as well.  He is now over 6 years old and is an extremely happy little guy.  He is super spoiled.  George loves his “mommy”, especially when she gives him chin rubs.  

 We are hoping to raise $375 for George's care, which will last him several months. Please help by donating or sharing George's story!

*To avoid Paypal fees you can also log in to your paypal account, select "Send Money," and type "" in to the "to field." Then select "personal" at the top tab. The default status should be "gift." Leave this as-is. Then enter your gift amount. Piggie Poo thanks you for going to this extra trouble!

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