Friday, August 2, 2013


We've raised $566 so far, of our $566 goal! 
Please continue to forward Mosby's story, and donate!

Meet Mosby
from IN rescue

Mosby is an adorable two year old piggy with a close resemblance to a caterpillar. He has been with Crystal's rescue,, for about a year, and is presently living in a foster home. 

Six months ago Mosby started to lose weight and walk as though it gave him difficulty, so he was off to the vet! The vet determined that Mosby has large points on his molars, as well as arthritis. (Worried your pig might have teeth issues? Visit the teeth page on GuineaLynx!)

As a result, Mosby has to go to the vet every six weeks to get his teeth trimmed. He also needs pain medicine to help his little joints feel better as he toddles around his cage.

Six months worth of care for Mosby costs $466. Because Crystal also recently took in another special needs guinea pig who had been severely abused, I am going to add a $100 cushion for her rescue. 

Our fundraising goal is $566!

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Such a adorable two year old piggy...