Monday, July 1, 2013


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Meet Cletus 
from VA rescue

Meet Cletus. One of the sweetest old men to come into our rescue in a long time.  He didn’t make his trip here quite the way most guinea pigs do. Cletus was already in a sanctuary program in another rescue when its founder became ill very suddenly. She needed to find a place for her guinea pigs. Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue was able to step in and take all six of them. Two adoptable pairs and two oldsters that the rescue was intending to keep for their natural lives. We will honor their intentions and keep Cletus and Macy as sanctuary pigs. 

Cletus was obviously too old to neuter and had some congestion in his lungs. He was treated and seemed better. He also had a pretty severe impaction problem. His foster mom improved the situation slightly by giving him probiotics and cleaning him multiple times a day. Then, as they say, the other shoe dropped. Cletus stopped eating very suddenly and stopped coming out of his hide. He was quickly taken to the vet where an x-ray showed a huge stone blocking his urethra.

It was surgery or die for a pig that was too old even to have a much simpler neuter surgery. The tough little guy made it through the surgery but it was a real battle back to health for him. His vet fees so far are $489.85. Ongoing, he will need to be treated for the very advanced arthritis that was also found on the x-rays when his stones were diagnosed and probiotics for his impaction issues. 

As you can tell by his chewed up little ears he didn’t have the easiest time before he got here. We intend to make the rest of his life a guinea pig’s dream.


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