Tuesday, March 19, 2013


$236.66 raised so far! WE MET OUR GOAL!
Please keep sharing Spike's story, and consider donating!


from CA rescue 

Orange County Cavy Haven!

Because we did such a great job fundraising for Junebug, and there are a number of days left in March, we are going to try to fundraise for a second piggy--Spike!

Spike came into the rescue from an LA shelter in June, 2011.  We were unable to place him due to several ongoing medical issues that took time to resolve.  He had teeth issues, a bad case of fungus that took time to deal with, and an abscess that kept filling up and had to be drained several times.  Finally, we were able to get his medical issues under control and he enjoyed several months of comfort.  

 Now, however, he has started to cry when he urinates and he has to go back in to be evaluated for a possible bladder stone.  Based on his past medical issues, we are going to have him fully evaluated.  The anticipated cost for his visit is $200 (if, as we hope, he does not need surgery).

 Spike is a real trooper and, in spite of all of his medical issues, he continues to adore his foster mom and enjoys his life.  He is a real character and a very special boy.  We are committed to doing our part to make sure he can live as long and happily as possible!


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