Friday, September 2, 2011

SEPTEMBER'S GUINEA PIGS--152 Guinea Pigs from a hoarder

152 guinea pigs were recently surrendered by a hoarder to a CA shelter. Three rescue groups are taking the lead in rehabilitating these animals: Cavy Haven, Wee Companions, and Arizona Piggie Poo Rescue. Please feel free to donate to any of these groups (all legitimate and wonderful), but SAGP will be spending the month of September fundraising for Wee Companions.

You can learn more details by watching the news report, please click here. For other updates, visit Guinea Lynx threads one and two. Warning: these guinea pigs are not in the best condition. Some photos may be upsetting.


*To avoid Pay Pal fees send checks to:

Wee Companions
975 Iris Ave
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

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