Wednesday, June 1, 2011

JUNE'S PIGS OF THE MONTH-Sunflower and Rosie!

Meet Sunflower and Rosie
from UK Rescue

Introducing Sunflower and Rosie. Sunflower is a very special wee piggy, she has what the vet suspects is a very slow growing cancer with multiple little lumps all over her belly area, all a
ttached to each otherwith ‘tendrils’ under the skin.Sunflower also has other problems, she is a heart piggy and needs syringe feeding 3 times daily as she will not eat very much on her own.

Obviously she has a problem with her mouth but it is not dental, no redness etc to be seen but she dribbles a lot. She will chew on a slice of cucumber then leave most of it. Some days she does eat a whole slice and will even tuck into a bit of carrot, she can also eat hay but not very much. Her mouth has been checked several times over the past few months but no spurs, nothing to show for her odd behaviour with food.

Since arriving at the Rescue she has captured our hearts, she is not demanding but just sits anxiously around feed times in case you forget her, with her little front paws propped on the front of her cage watching intently. Initially she would eat her critical care from a bowl but now only syringe feeds will do.
Her cage mate Rosie is completely blind from an eye infection that was not noticed and completely depends on Sunflower for guidance. Rosie also has a permanant head tilt and a heart murmer and just recently she has presented with a lump on her belly that will need to be removed. This is planned for the near future if all goes well with the heart meds. We are hoping that a few weeks course of Fortekor will strengthen her heart enough to allow the op to be done.

Sunflower goes through two big packets of Critical Care a week costing almost £60, her and Rosies heart meds cost £8 50 per week then Rimadyl/ Metacam is a further £2 per week. Rosies op will be in the region of £60- £70 and no doubt Sunflower will need further checkups for her mouth to ensure that nothing shows up that can be cured/helped.

I can assure you all that to meet Sunflower is to fall in love, she is very special and has full confidence that we will take care of all her needs, no one seeing her could ignore the look of belief in her eyes that you will help her. It is very hard to describe this look without putting it into human terms but there is no doubt that she believes this human will do her utmost for her and keep her free from any pain or suffering....and she is right.

I would like to thank you all in advance as I know how generous you all are when it comes to special needs piggies and Sunflower is certainly that, she and Rosie also send their wheeks.

Our Goal is to fundraise $300 for Thistle Cavies.

Please send checks (made out to Thistle Cavies) to

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