Monday, November 2, 2009


at CT Rescue

Cane and Tater are two male guinea pigs, approximately 3 to 4 years old that have a sad story to tell. When whoever owned the boys no longer wanted to take care of them they were turned loose on a vacant lot in the city to fend for themselves. Why people do this is beyond our understanding. There is no way guinea pigs or any other animals can survive when left to their own.

Both boys were severely vitamin C deficient when they arrived at the rescue. So much so that we thought that Cane (on the left) wasn't going to survive. He was extremely lethargic, was reluctant to move, had significant hair loss, etc. He was immediately given fluids and an injection of vitamin C.
The next morning there was a slight improvement so we gave him more vitamin C, fluids, and critical care. By that evening he began to eat on his own and was much brighter. The rescue began treatment of baytril and metacam, also treated for mites and continued with vitamin C supplement for both.
Both boys had bumblefoot, an infection in the pads of all 4 of their feet. Cane and Tater are receiving the medical care that they so desperately needed, good food, and tons of TLC. They will not be available for adoption until they have totally recovered.

The infection has been slow to clear out and we will be doing xrays to make sure the infection hasn't spread further into their feet.

We will be fundraising for one month of care for both of the boys, $125 each, $250 total. These costs include Baytril, Metacam, their daily vitamin C supplement, and x-rays.


To avoid paypal fees send checks to:

The Critter Connection, Inc.
PO Box 371
Durham, CT 06422

Make checks payable to "The Critter Connection, Inc." and please specify SAGP or Cane and Tater in the Memo line.


ppirouettes said...

Could you provide an email address for Paypal gift transfers please, so we don't have to reveal personal information through the current purchase transaction which require a shipping address.

S.B. said...

Sure, the email address is . Thanks for bringing up this concern!