Sunday, March 22, 2009

A sad announcement

I am devastated to write to you with some very sad news. Yetti has passed away because of heart issues. I know that with fundraising for special needs pigs this would always be a risk, but I am just so forlorn about this loss. I think any condolences sent to Wendi's way would be much welcome-she is the director of Thistle Cavies where Yetti received such amazing care. Here are some photos of Yetti when he was just six months old.

For those wondering, Josh is coping really well, and the rescue is going to pair him with a friend right away so he doesn't suffer from depression.

Heart issues are incredibly common in pigs-some basic signs of a heart pig are belly pigs, lap pigs, hooters, frequent URIs, crusty eyes, lethargy, and pigs that are easy to pick up. I would really encourage any pig owner to read the following link: GUINEA LYNX-HEART ISSUES: for information about how to treat a pig with potential heart issues.

I'm so sorry to Josh, the rescue, and to all readers of the site for the loss. I know we all grow really attached to these little guys. I'm going to keep you updated with additional news, and please write with any questions. At the moment I am only able to check my internet weekly, so I apologize for any delay in reply.

Edit: here are some more photos of Yetti from when he was a very young boy, with his brothers. Adorable from day one:

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